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Emily Stern consults for boards, educational institutions, organizations, and agencies. She also makes original educational tools, including the El Corazón Deck, a bilingual critical-thinking tool that promotes the intersectional identification, examination, and analysis of issues related to social justice, identity, and community.

Through a collaborative lens and with the steadfast belief that, together, our differences do, in fact, make us stronger, Emily advises and provides support and guidance on strategic and systemic planning, large and small scale event coordination and execution, and integrative, collectively beneficial program, professional, workshop, and curriculum development, training, implementation, and facilitation.

For over two decades, she’s done this in the areas of:

  • Paradigm and systemic change.
  • Cultivation and maintenance of collectively-steered and defined, self-possessed, dynamic, and equity-focused educational, organizational, and classroom systems, spaces, programs, events, and consciousness.
  • Sexual assault prevention and education, including Title IX, VII, Clery, and SaVE related trainings and programming.
  • Art and activism.
  • Interdisciplinary, intersectional, equity-centered curriculum and teaching for Pre-K through post-doc.
  • First-year and first-generation student success.
  • Community organizing, building, and sustainability.
  • Culturally responsive, project based learning.
  • Advocacy and awareness.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring practices, programming, recruitment, and professional development.

She’s committed to equitable, shared leadership and collaboration, and an anti-racist, intersectional, inter-generational framework and lens, with an emphasis on the strength and collective value of multicultural perspectives, cultural currency, personal experiences, and the understanding that liberation for one happens only through liberation for all.

Emily’s work has been acknowledged by students and colleagues alike. She was named the 2013-2014 Phi Theta Kappa Teacher of the Year; was nominated and named a “21st Century Leader” by community members; and received a Presidential Diversity Advisory Committee Certificate of Excellence.

She has taught and consulted both locally and nationally, and serves as the Vice President of Diversity for the Northern New Mexico Human Resources Association’s, a chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).


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