El Corazón Deck:
Where Culture, Justice & Community Intersect

What is El Corazón Deck?

El Corazón Deck is a teaching and learning tool, designed with students and educational and organizational leaders and professionals, to inspire relevant, dynamic critical thinking and explore the ways in which culture, justice, and community relate to and impact topics such as cultural values & identities, current events, history, colonization, systemic oppression, stereotypes & assumptions, microaggressions & micromessages, and unconscious bias.

Use El Corazón Deck to examine the ways its categories and topics intersect with our respective communities’ struggles, and how collective liberation can emerge through individual recognition and ownership of experiences, histories, and cultural perspectives.

The deck can be used as is, or you can utilize the blank cards to tailor culturally relevant lessons to your specific needs.

El Corazón Deck is also available as a full curriculum, with implementation support and corresponding, individualized materials, as well as online and in-person train the trainer modules.

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